Condominiums-not just for commandos

BY JENNIFER HAWKINS The condominium is similar to the townhome in that your unit constitutes a portion of a larger building. However, condominiums differ from townhomes in the way ownership is determined and the financial requirements. Typically, when you own a... more

Condominiums-Required Reserves, Optional Reserves

BY JENNIFER HAWKINS We talked last week about preparing the HOA budget and funds that should be set aside to pay for high dollar capital improvements such as paving or roofs.  In homeowner associations, in Florida, there is not a statutory... more

What is a Homeowners Association?

BY JENNIFER HAWKINS What is the purpose of a homeowners association?  Contrary to what some think, it is not to make your lives in suburbia miserable by measuring your grass height or making sure your house is not purple with pink... more

Being on the Board of Directors

BY JENNIFER HAWKINS So you decided to be a member of the Board of Directors of your HOA.  Now what?  Running a homeowners association is not that much different than running a household or a small business.  Let’s address some important... more

Living peacefully in your HOA

BY JENNIFER HAWKINS Living in an HOA doesn’t have to be an exercise in prim and proper home ownership.  Understanding what you can and can’t do goes a long way in maintaining the peace and tranquility in your neighborhood. Here are... more

Insurance for your condo

BY JENNIFER HAWKINS Owning a condominium has its benefits.  For a fee each month your grass is mowed, the pool is maintained and the building is insured among numerous other things.  But what about the inside of your unit?  Just because... more

A more complicated HOA budget

BY JENNIFER HAWKINS Now that we covered a basic HOA budget, we’ll move on to a more complicated budget for an HOA or town home community. A more upscale community will have amenities such as a pool, a pavilion, playgrounds or... more

The HOA Budget

BY JENNIFER HAWKINS Setting up the operating budget for your HOA, townhome or condominium can sometimes be an arduous process.  We’ll start simple here and work our way up to the more complicated budgets. THE HOA BUDGET Depending on the size... more

Combating vandalism

By Jennifer Hawkins Vandalism has been an issue with both condominiums and homeowners associations for as long as there have been condos and HOAs.  I recall, quite vividly, the continued vandalism to a community pool that was so out of... more

That beautiful lake

BY JENNIFER HAWKINS That beautiful lake that your home backs up to is actually referred to as a storm water retention pond.  Storm water retention systems are designed to percolate storm water runoff from areas back into the aquifer.  Clean water... more