Property Management Systems, Inc. holds its employees to the highest standards as it pertains to business principles and ethics. We are a company of integrity and accountability as our track record has stood that test. We feel it is vital to invest back into our operation which is the prime reason that we are routinely updating our software along with providing continuing education to our employees. We are able to obtain highly competitive insurance programs for our association clients, thanks to the numbers of properties we manage. Our company as well as our licensed managers are covered with a professional liability policy.

Our state-of-the-art banking program allows us to process electronic payments. Community owners have the ability to pay their dues online via credit card or e-check. Our dedicated community web site services allow homeowners to view their account history, make payments, submit e-forms and have access to other online features. Community board members have access to a restricted area where they can view association documents online such as financials etc..


Community Association Managers & Accounting

Eight licensed community association managers with one-hundred and thirty years combined experience in the industry are ready to assist. While each community has an assigned primary contact our management model utilizes a team approach that assures continued attention to each of the communities we serve.

Our professional bookkeeping staff handles accounts receivable, accounts payable, estoppel requests, closings, and administers the collection of homeowners’ maintenance fees and assessments. PMSI works in conjunction with various CPA firms for the preparation of any required Federal and State Tax Reports and annual audits. In addition to this dedicated bookkeeping staff, PMSI also has an administrative team to support field operations for the Community Association Managers.

Our real estate division, Powell Real Estate Group, encompasses all solutions to meet your real estate needs. As a proud member of the Amelia Island Nassau County Association of Realtors and Northeast Florida Association of Realtors, we have found our real estate services to be a perfect complement for our Associations. Boards of Directors often encourage unit owners to take advantage of these benefits and we ensure compliance of the Association Documents during the process.


Our managers continually share knowledge and the industries best management practices in order to best serve our communities.


General Administration


  • Maintaining records and correspondence for all business matters of the Association, its members, contractors, or agents. This includes documentation for annual meetings, policy matters, covenant enforcement, and billing/collection procedures.
  • Communicate with Association members as requested by the Board and per Florida law and statues.


  • Plan annual meetings and prepare documents with the association president.
  • Attending annual meetings, prepare meeting minutes and present them to the Board Members for review.
  • Attend regular meetings including the annual meeting, Board meetings, Board workshops, covenant enforcement hearings, and periodic meetings with the Board President.
  • Provide progress report to Board Members.
  • Record Keeping & Documentation
  • Maintaining individual property files for each member’s property. Maintain and process property sales transfer information.

Financial statements

  • Board Minutes and Corporate Seal
  • List of Contractors, including Current Viable Certificates of Insurance
  • Current Association (Owners) member database
  • Maintain accounting records including copies of all invoices with all copies of checks and check registers.
  • Administer a process that monitors re-sales to eliminate the risk of losing assessments.
  • Provide comprehensive resale disclosure documents to appropriate parties upon request.
  • Maintain copies of permits for common areas, elevators, pools, lakes, etc.

Insurance Administration

  • Reviewing with the Board annual insurance specifications and coverage. Solicit quotes for Board review and recommend changes to ensure that appropriate coverage is in place.
  • Submit claims to any circumstance covered under the policy.
  • Maintain relationship with insurance agent to ensure maximum service and protection of Association property.

Support & Guidance

  • Review Governing Documents. Advise the Board of any concerns about compliance with the Association’s documents and Florida Statutes.
  • Advise the Board of changes in the laws, statutes, or other information that relates to community association management.
  • Assist, as appropriate, the services of legal, architectural, engineering and other professional services as may be required.
  • Assist, as requested, in the refinement of changes of Rules & Regulations and Policies and Procedures.

Covenant Enforcement

  • Receive all concerns regarding alleged violations of and inconsistencies with the Association’s Rules & Regulations.
  • Inspect members’ properties from common property to determine legitimacy of complaint.
  • Perform follow-up inspection(s) to ensure that violations are promptly corrected.
  • Administer the Association’s process for covenant enforcement.
  • Coordinate hearings for appeals for alleged violations. Administer, as per the Association’s Policy, and enforcement fines, legal action, etc.

Financial Services

  • Budget & Financial Reporting
  • Participate in developing the annual budget with the Budget/Finance Committee.
  • Provide financial statements that compare income and expenses with the budget.
  • Prepare monthly financial documents: Balance Sheet, Income Statement, General Ledger, Delinquency Report, etc.

Accounting & Banking

  • Deposit and maintain Association’s fund in financial institution that is FDIC insured.
  • Prepare and file the Association’s Corporate Annual Report with the state of Florida.
  • Provide records necessary to Accountant for filing State and Federal Forms.
  • Receive invoices, review for accuracy, seek approval and process payments.
  • Upon selection by the Board, support certified public accountant to prepare certified audit of Association’s records and tax filings.

Assessments & Delinquencies

  • Invoice Association members for assessments, fines, and late charges.
  • Receive and record payments for all assessments and other charges.
  • Maintain a computerized file of assessments invoices, late fees, fines, and other charges and record payments received.
  • Follow up with collection service on assessments, liens, and foreclosure proceedings.
  • Generate delinquency letters in accordance with state statute and the Federal Fair Debt Collection Act.
  • Support legal counsel on collection matters.
  • Maintain and account for all financial accounts.

Vendor Recruiting & Management

  • Recruit qualified vendors as requested.
  • Recommend termination of vendors to the Board, as is necessary.
  • When requested, prepare and negotiate contracts.
  • Solicit three independent contractor bids from licensed, bonded, and insured contractors for major services. Present bids to Board for review and selection.